Trader Test

What type of Trader are you ?

Itu pertanyaan intinya terhadap segala aktifitas Anda dalam menekuni profesi sebagai Broker atau Trader selama ini baik itu untuk dunia saham, indeks atapun forex.

Trader Test ini diadakan oleh The Van Tharp Institute

Untuk mengetahui langsung karakter anda dalam trading silahkan langsung bergabung dalam link berikut ini :

Untuk karakter saya sendiri hasilnya kurang lebih seperti ini :

You are a Fun-Loving Trader!

You tend to be optimistic, outgoing, playful, loving life, the people around you and your material comforts. You probably enjoy working with others to make things happen and are more gregarious than the other trader types, finding security in your connection with others. You also bring a logical, common sense approach to your work. And you like to things to be fun. You are highly productive and have an infectious zest for life…

One of your Trading Strengths

If you choose to trade, you would be optimistic about your chances in the markets.

One of your Trading Challenges

You will have a tendency to throw good money after bad to try to jumpstart a losing trade and turn it around.


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