Design a Trading System – This May Save Your Trading Career

By : James I M

In this article we are going to tell you just one thing about designing your own trading system; if you only read one piece of information about systems building — this should be it!

Unfortunately, you may not love what you’re going to hear; but if you don’t find out now you are going to go through a lot of frustration. But you won’t be left hanging — we’re going to guide you in the right direction.

Let us ask you this: what level are you at with your trading?

Are you shopping around for a system in which to “improve”?… or designing your own system totally from scratch?

Wherever you are along the system-design spectrum you need to know this:

‘To be able to design an effective and profitable trading system you must have a solid understanding of the market.’

Now, we’re not talking about just being aware of the instrument you will be trading; you must understand the markets themselves.

Okay, so you’re thinking that you know the markets, you’ve seen charts and studied them for a while. Are you sure you really understand them?…

Do you know what a trend is? Do you know what CAUSES it?

Are you using volume in your system? If not — why not? (the professionals do!)

Are you taking into account that it is people who drive the markets? (i.e. does your system allow for the fact that markets become very quiet at lunchtime and during holiday periods ? )

Do you know that the market going up can actually be a sign of WEAKNESS (and down a sign of STRENGTH)?

It is the combination of your knowledge of lots of little details about the market that can give your trading system its edge. Although we say “little details” — it is these that are the fundamental building blocks of consistently profitable systems.

You need to know how the markets work before you set about designing a trading system. You may waste hundreds or even thousands of hours trying to design a system that always seems so close to working yet seems to consistently fall at the last hurdle.

Make sure you have a solid grasp of the markets before you plunge headfirst into system design.

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